Most of us are not selfish enough in the right area’s of our lives and we care too much about the wrong things. This combo makes it almost impossible to be truly happy.

We put excessive energy into the wrong area’s, and as a result, we don’t have enough energy left over for what’s really important… our health and happiness. We watch the news and are fed a bunch of garbage, then get upset about all the negativity that is taking place around us. Is getting upset really going to make a difference in what’s going on in the world? Some would argue, that yes, one person can make a difference. While this is true, it’s also a rarity. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Theresa for example, have made a huge impact. However, they did it peacefully, not shouting at the TV screen and without obsessively thinking and talking about all the injustices going on. They were laser focused on the solution, not the problem.

When you are focused on anything negative, that gives your energy away to what you are upset over and therefore, you empower it even more. What you focus on and the energy that you give to it, draws more of that to you. If that isn’t discouraging enough, it also deplete’s the energy stores you have. That wasted energy could have been used on something more positive. For example, practicing gratitude for all you do have, which would have attracted more things, people or situations into your life to be grateful for.

We hold the power to create the lives we desire and we do that by what we put out into the world. If you aren’t satisfied with the life that you are living or certain things in it, then change your focus and you will be able to attract something better. It really is that simple, not easy, but simple… Focus on what’s positive and forget all the rest.

A great place to change focus is on your health, which is pretty much the foundation for happiness because without being healthy, it’s kind of hard to be happy about anything else, if almost impossible. This is an area most of us would benefit from if we became more selfish, because we have a tendency to take better care of our cars, houses, pets and others, rather than we do our own body and mind.

When you are really sick, you don’t think about other people or doing something that will make you happy. You think mostly about yourselves and getting better. This is not the kind of selfishness that I’m talking about. That is an instance where being selfish is because you have to be. The selfishness that I’m referring to, that we’ve forgotten about, is the kind that prevents you from getting sick. It focuses on wellness, not on fixing symptoms and on being fit and not fat. It focuses on having a healthy mind with positive thoughts, not on being negative, worrying, being angry, and fearful. It’s time to be selfish with our self-care and focus on eating healthy and exercising both our body and mind.

Stop caring so much about what is happening around you. Most of that stuff you cannot change. Care about what you can change and what you can change, is yourself. Care about what you eat. Be selfish about what you put into your body. It’s the only one you’ve got.

Eat real food. Pass on the fast and fried foods, candies, cakes, cookies, snacks, sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juices. These are basically loaded with sugar and bad fats. They are okay to indulge in once in a while, but when these so-called foods are making up a majority of your diet, they will make you fat, which effects more than just your appearance. It affects your health and mind as well as the quality of life you live. Even if you don’t have or aren’t aware of having any health problems, if you are overweight and not truly happy with the way you look, it affects your overall happiness and that influences all areas of your life.

The way to happiness starts with a healthy body and a healthy body starts with a healthy mind. You must first believe that you have the power to create the body and life you want. It’s the truth. We all have that power. Believe it and then make the decision to do what it takes to achieve it, which is taking small steps until you have it. Start with cutting out all the un-healthy food and replace it with real nutritious food. There is no need to starve your body or diet. If that worked, then we would all be thin.

Add exercise to your daily routine. Do whatever gets you sweating. Start somewhere, even if it’s only a 10 minute walk. Just be sure to do it consistently and soon you will be walking for hours and your weight loss, energy, and endurance will spur you on to try other types of physical activity. It’s really important, especially in the beginning, to have a consistent and strict regime.

You need to develop the habit of eating right and working out and that takes at least three weeks of doing it everyday, every meal. There is nothing wrong with having a cheat day. Cheat days actually can be very good for your metabolism. However, in the beginning, cheat days can turn into cheat weeks, even months and eventually lead to giving up on yourself completely. Healthy habits help create a healthy mind, which creates a healthy body and a healthy happy life.

For your own well being, please be more selfish about how treat your body and care less about the things you can’t change. Focus on what you can change which is your thoughts, your food choice’s and exercise. The only thing standing in your way is your decsion to do it. When you do, stick to it and watch just how happy you can be.


Thoughts are fuel for your mind. Food is fuel for you body. Healthy fuel in, happy life out!

Excuses prevent you from having what you really want. Why then, have an excuse for anything?

True living begins, when false excuses end. Fact: all excuses are false!

Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves that prevent us from doing something, we know we should be doing… Hmm!?

Excuses, at best, only provide a very short term satisfaction at the expense of long term results!

Body Mind & Soul… healthy Body + positive Mind = a happy Soul.